Best Wood Species for Kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ. Dry Climate

When you look at cabinetry, you can’t assume that a hardwood veneer is necessarily covering a hardwood core. With Kitchen AZ LLC, you can rest assured your cabinetry is 100% hardwood to the core.
The large image across our website is a recent kitchen remodel we designed, fabricated and installed in Scottsdale using Maple Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets from our Bridgewood Advantage Cabinet line.
Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Wood Species For Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Cabinets in Alder

A popular species because of its pronounced grain and uniform texture. This versatile wood species features a fairly straight grain with areas of burl clusters and small knots. These marks add character and will provide a darker texture and color when finished. Alder varies from pale yellow to reddish brown and it accepts stains exceptionally well. It is also the lightest and least dense. Knotty Alder presents a more rustic look. When stained, alder blends well with walnut, mahogany and cherry. Available for: windows, exterior doors, interior doors, patio doors.

Kitchen Cabinets in Cherry

Recognized by its darker tone, cherry can be stained in a variety of shades. The cherry we use varies from rich red to reddish brown in color. It features a smooth texture with fine, straight and close grain. Occasionally, thin gum pockets and small clusters of pin knots are visible. These character marks, along with random blonde streaks of sapwood, add a distinctive quality to the wood. Cherry will darken over time with exposure to light and contains miniscule pith marks as identifiers. Cherry stains easily and smoothly. Available for: windows, exterior doors, interior doors.

Kitchen Cabinets in Hickory 

A relatively smooth hardwood with prominent grain and it frequently features character marks such as bird pecks, pin knots and mineral streaks. It has a dramatic color variation which can be minimized with darker stains and paint finishes. The heartwood is tan or reddish while the sapwood is white to cream with fine brown lines. This wood features a closed grain with moderate definition and is rough textured. Available for: exterior doors, interior doors, patio doors.

Kitchen Cabinets in Maple

A beautiful and dense hardwood that has a prolonged life. Maple is a hard, strong wood with a smooth texture and uniform grain. The grain is fine and is similar to birch and cherry. It may exhibit random darker streaks and occasional birds-eye or worm track patterns. Over time, maple will mellow in color due to natural exposure to light and air. Traditionally used for interior applications. No grain filler required when finishing. Available for: exterior doors, interior doors, patio doors.

Kitchen Cabinets in Oak

This hardwood was and still is one of the most popular species used today. Oak is renowned for its dramatically pronounced grain pattern. This pattern varies from tight, vertical grain to a beautifully arched pattern. This wood may also feature pin knots and mineral streaks. The color range includes light straw and honey with a light pink hue. Very durable and strong, oak accepts stains evenly and is easy to work with.