What to Think About When Picking Out Cabinet Door Styles

When you think about cabinet styles you probably are not thinking about the cabinet box as much as you are thinking about the cabinet door.  While both matter, of course, it is the cabinet door that is the ‘face’ of the cabinetry – what you and others see when you look at the cabinets and what sets the style aesthetic for the cabinetry.  Because cabinet doors matter so much, they tend to be one of the more expensive elements of your kitchen.  And, when it comes to options, there is a huge range of options at a huge range of price points.

One of the first things you have to think about when choosing cabinet door style is your budget.  This is always an important first step because it directly impact what options you can consider.  An incredibly intricate or specialty cabinet door will be much more expensive than a more basic style.  Though make no mistake, even more contemporary styles that seem ‘basic’ may be very expensive as well.  It depends on the manufacturer, materials, finish, and more.

Once you have determined your budget, the next most important thing to consider is your home and, more specifically, your kitchen’s overall design aesthetic.  Keep in mind that clean lines and more traditional or contemporary styles can work with a number of design aesthetics and ultimately may even be able to transition between styles if you change your style down the road.  If you want cabinetry with relatively clean lines some style options include Mission, Raised Panel, and Shaker.  All of which have clean lines and do not have have any intricate detail or carvings. Recessed panel or Shaker doors tend to be the most contemporary or transitional of styles.  Flat panels are the most contemporary door styles because there is literally no detail other than the wood or finish.  Flat panels tend to be popular in modern and contemporary homes.  Essentially – the fewer details the more modern and the more details or carving styles the more traditional.

After you have chosen your cabinet door style you must also choose its finish which will heavily influence the finished aesthetic. You could choose to have the wood look natural, stain it darker, paint it, distress it, or give it any number of specialty finishes.  Further, if you choose to add beadboard, molding, or other special features it will further lock you into a particular design aesthetic.  Consult your cabinet maker, contractor, or interior designer to help you narrow down what cabinet style is best for your home.