What is the Difference Between Frameless and Framed Kitchen Cabinets?

When considering a kitchen remodel, you learn quickly that there are a lot of different cabinet options. Narrowing in on which cabinet stye, material, and finish can feel daunting but there are a few things that every homeowner should carefully consider such as whether you’ll choose frameless or framed cabinets.

Framed cabinetry is the more traditional cabinet type and is likely what you are more familiar with seeing in homes.  With framed cabinetry, there is a small border, or frame, surrounding the cabinet doors on the cabinet box. The cabinet doors are mounted to the inside of the frame or to the frame’s side depending on the particular cabinets you choose.

Frameless cabinetry have no frame on the cabinet box and have been popular for quite some time in Europe.  With frameless cabinets, the cabinet doors attach to the sides of the cabinet box and usually cover the entire face of the cabinetry.  Both cabinet options are a great choice and what will be best for you will depend on various factors.  There can be some differences in the two types in  both durability and price. Speak to an experienced cabinetry manufacturer to learn more about whether you should choose frameless or framed kitchen cabinets.