About Authentic Durango Stone Marble Travertine Tile Finishes.

We are both proud and honored to be an authorized dealer of Authentic Durango Stone. We have screened and worked with many other Travertine manufacturers, distributors and retailers, yet none come close to the quality of materials, customer service and expertise.   We simply cannot express the value of working with a fully integrated supplier; from their Durango, Mexico Quarries and their Stone Artisans to their Scottsdale Showroom, warehouse and distribution center.  We have collaboratively designed and installed some of the most beautiful hand carved pieces of their natural stone (see the image below), art to a variety of flooring, countertops, backsplashes, range hoods, bathtubs, showers and stair cases.

While size, color, pattern and placement of the tile flooring in your new construction or remodeling project make a big difference in your overall satisfaction, it is the look and feel of the finish applied to your natural stone which conveys the style you envisioned.

The Five Types of Travertine Tile Finishes

Honed and Resin-Filled Travertine Tile Finish

Honed and Resin-Filled is by far the most popular choice of our clientele. We use resin to fill any voids because we can match it to natural color of the stone, including the texture, so you never have to worry about discoloration over time.
In addition to providing a smooth surface, our triple-honing process also makes the stone easier to keep clean, by resisting the formation of traffic patterns. When we talk about a difference you can see and feel, this is our prime example.

 Truly Tumbled Travertine Tile Finish

On the other end of the spectrum is our proprietary Ancient or Truly Tumbled tile finish. This rustic and slip-resistant stone option is Ideal for outdoor installations such as pools, patios and landscape design.
Truly Tumbled tile also works wonderfully for indoor bathroom or kitchen areas where the tile surface could become wet. The weathered, yet smooth surface is a fantastic choice for anywhere bare feet will be making contact with the floor.

Polished with Resin Fill Travertine Tile Finish

With a dynamic sheen that is impossible to ignore, our High-Luster Polished and Filled tiles make a bold design statement in any space. The process actually enhances the natural colors and tones of the stone.
The tile surface is polished 3 times and resin is used to fill these tiles because it actually takes a polish, creating a consistent elegance for wall or flooring designs. Though this finish is not for everyone, it may be just what you need to add a special flair to your project.

Brushed and Resin-Filled Travertine Tile Finish

This look is becoming more and more popular with our design clients. Weekly we are being asked for tile samples featuring a “Leather” finish. We create this smooth, but textured surface by applying a diamond wire brush to the tile during production.
The end result is stunning and has recently been the flooring choice of homeowners creating their dream homes. Could this be your fantasy marble limestone tile?

Ancient Brushed Travertine Tile Finish

Adding an extra level of tactile pleasure to our Truly Tumbled tile is our Ancient Brushed finish. Our diamond wire brush process gives the stone surface more distinction, but still keeps the weathered look of age old walkways in the world’s most ancient cities.
This finish is a desirable choice for floor tile in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and more.

Congratulations, you made it to the finish line! We truly hope we have provided the education on the Five different Travertine Tile finishes that will allow you to make an informed decision on your design and  purchase.

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