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Built-to-order. Built for you. Built to last a lifetime.

SOLLiD® Cabinetry believes that everyone deserves beautiful cabinets that will last a lifetime. Of course, they also understand that the process of designing high-quality cabinets can be both expensive and time consuming. They developed a process that changed all of that.

By utilizing over 75 years of combined cabinet experience, SOLLiD provides the absolute best value in high-quality, affordable cabinetry – without compromising on quality of materials or workmanship.

During every step of SOLLiD’s state-of-the-art construction process, our skilled craftspeople use only the finest materials to build all wood cabinets to your exact specifications. And every SOLLiD cabinet is finished, hand-assembled, and individually inspected for quality – right on site.

You simply choose your style, then complete your cabinet design with your choice of color and finish options.

The result are semi-customized cabinets that truly look and feel custom. High-quality, all wood cabinetry, designed to be uniquely you.

Built to order, built with care, and built to withstand a lifetime of use.

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When it comes to choosing cabinets…you’ve got options.

Cabinets comes in two categories: framed and frameless.

Framed cabinets include a wood frame (also known as a face frame) that surrounds the front of the cabinet box… much like a picture frame. The doors are attached by hinges to the face frame. You’ll commonly find framed cabinets in most modern or traditional kitchens.

Frameless cabinets (also known as European style or Euro cabinets) have no face frame. The doors attach to the inside of the cabinet box with special hinges.

Door styles also fall into two main categories: Standard overlay and full overlay.

Standard overlay allows a portion of the face frame to be seen around the door (depending on the door style).

Full overlay covers most of the face frame and requires knobs or handles. Because the doors are larger in comparison, full overlay tends to be the more expensive option.

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