Show Off Your Kitchenware With LED Tape Lighting

LEDs have transformed modern lighting, allowing for better color control, far brighter rooms and innovative placement. The newest breakthrough is in LED tape lighting; literally a string of lights on adhesive tape, the low-voltage system can be applied to an incredible number of surfaces and tight locations, creating custom lighting across the home.

Lights on a Piece of Tape?

LEDs produce orders of magnitude more light for the same amount of power as traditional bulbs. They also use low-voltage DC power, allowing an amazing width of possible applications. LED tape – also called LED strip light and ribbon light –has adhesive to stick to many common surfaces, and the tape can be cut to length.

The range of uses is equally impressive, from home use to commercial, inside and outside vehicles, and even in clothing. LED tape comes in a variety of lighting colors, and some strips can be programmed to change colors and follow patterns. LEDs last up to 25 times as long as incandescent bulbs, and because there’s so many, even if one eventually goes out the impact is unnoticeable.

How Can It Improve My Kitchen Lighting?

Since the “color temperature” can be precisely controlled, the emitted light is substantially more efficient and can be customized to highlight your kitchenware and motif. The versatility of the tape allows for an unprecedented range of locations it can be installed, while the low voltage creates greater safety. Depending on which type you choose, LEDs can be dimmed to fit the mood or create low-level safety lights at night. Some types of LED tape use individually-triggered lights for all sorts of patterns, and the energy use of LEDs, even at full strength, is negligible.

Due to the ease, many homeowners can install the tape themselves, and you may want to try it. DIY will save you a little money, but there definitely are advantages to having a professional do it; choosing the ideal color to match your kitchen, carefully calculated placement and guaranteed work are all benefits of letting the pros handle installation. Plus, the easy application of the tape will reduce the price to very attractive levels.