Selecting the Right Countertop Edges

Once of the most important decisions to make about your kitchen design is the countertop edge. Whether you’re building your first home or looking for a great remodeling project, upgrading your countertops is a great way to add value, style and comfort to your home. Here are some of the most popular countertop edge styles for you to choose from.

Beveled Edge

 An angled, or beveled, edge is a popular option for a refined look and a smooth surface. A bevel is typically at a 45-degree angle, but many professional countertop suppliers can create a custom angle for your countertops.

Flat Polished Edge

 Perhaps the most simple and all-purpose edge available is the flat polish. This is a smooth edge, often with the slightest bevel to help keep it looking modern and comfortable.

Bullnose Edge

 Whether you choose the full or half bullnose, this elegantly rounded style removes all sharp edges or defined lines from your countertop edge. It’s a traditional option that also works well in a modern setting.

Ogee Edge

 This uniquely crafted edge will give any space a luxurious look. Equally at home in mansions, beachside getaways, or your dream kitchen, this edge has a slightly rounded curve for a truly ornate look. If you’re looking for a memorable and premium countertop edge, the Double Ogee the same concave radius, only twice.

Discover Your New Kitchen

 Choosing a countertop edge can be difficult. There are many options, some subtly different and some luxuriously extreme. The more ornate an edge looks, typically the more expensive it will be. Of course, when it comes to adding class and memorable style to your kitchen, countertop edging can be far more affordable than other major expenses, like high-end appliances or countertop materials. Consider each option carefully to determine the right look for your dream home. If none of these appeal to you, ask your countertop provider about customer edging options for a signature look.