Kitchen Cabinets AZ Introduces The Timberlake Cabinet Series


The Timberlake Portfolio® Cabinet Series

Timberlake Portfolio® Cabinet Series is a finely-crafted homeowner favorite that boasts a broad range of style choices and upgrade options with 5 door styles.

Lausanne: All Lausanne doors are full overlay slab and available in maple and cherry finishes. Urban, cosmopolitan, unadorned styling enhances the beauty of the wood and brings home a contemporary aesthetic. Available in 8 finishes in Maple and Cherry.

Sonoma: Sonoma gives a contemporary take on the classic Shaker style with crisp edges and flat surfaces. These qualities make it a popular choice for those seeking a tasteful, straight-line design without excess decoration. Available in 14 finishes in Maple, Cherry and Painted.

Cumberland: With either cathedral or square doors, Cumberland is a distinctive style in our two most popular species. Veneer center panels keep this full overlay door style within the means of many homeowners. Available in 13 finishes in square and arched in Maple, Cherry and Thermofoil.

Scottsdale: Scottsdale offers a lower-cost, yet attractive option. The triple-carved waterfall effect on the inside edge of the rails and stiles accentuates the raised center panel, producing a favorite for the traditionalist at heart. Available in 8 finishes in Maple, Oak and Cherry.

Tahoe: Offers a recessed center panel door features a triple-carved inside edge along the rails and stiles creating a harmonious waterfall effect. Tahoe is a traditional style with unique characteristics and available in 18 finishes in Maple, Cherry, Oak and Painted.

The Timberlake Portfolio® Cabinet Series Features

  • All doors are full overlay
  • Veneer Doors *center panels as well
  • 21″ Deep Drawers*
  • Side-Mounted Glides
  • Adjustable Hidden Hinges®
  • 3/4″ Thick Wall & Base Shelving