Phoenix, AZ Angie’s List Kitchen Remodeling Review: Mesa, AZ

Review Date: November 09, 2013
Member: Jonathan Smout
1726 N Silverton Cir
Mesa, AZ 85203
Category: Remodeling – Kitchen & Bathroom
Services Performed: Yes November 12, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Home Build Year: 1986
Description Of Work: I purchased a Big Deal coupon from Kitchen AZ Cabinets and More for kitchen design services.
Member Comments: There was a long wait. He called me a couple of times to schedule and I just didn’t have time. I just wanted their design and ideas and the guy was very helpful about it.
Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

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Kitchen AZ Cabinets and More
Phoenix AZ 85053
Company ID: 6434570
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All Overall Grades = A
19 Reviews
A= 11
B= 5
C= 1
D= 0
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