Kitchens of just about any size can strategically incorporate a beautiful and functional kitchen island. The size, shape, and features of your kitchen island will depend on both the space available, budget, and personal preferences. Kitchen Island is a great way to add storage and counter space which can make your kitchen more functional. Below, we take a look at some of the most popular kitchen trends happening today to show you the myriad of ways you can incorporate a kitchen island in your home.

Kitchen Island Ideas

• Go big with your kitchen island!

– When it comes to kitchen islands, you can never design one that is too big. The larger your kitchen island is the more storage you can incorporate and the work counter space you have for work and entertaining. Large Kitchen Island to become an eye-catching centerpiece of many kitchens today and add tremendous value to your home.

• Wow with a waterfall edge kitchen island!

– If you want to create truly stunning visual, a waterfall edge kitchen island is a great option. A waterfall edges achieved when the counter top material is continued over the edge and down one or more sides of the island. This works particularly well in transitional, contemporary, and modern kitchens.

• Incorporate drawers in your kitchen island.

– The most kitchen islands traditionally incorporated cabinets, more and more homeowners are opting for drawers instead. Drawers make it easier to see what’s inside which is great for both storage and daily use. Drawers make it easier to be organized and they more efficiently use storage.

Newest trends to know


Most people think kitchen islands as square or rectangular installations. However, one could find many modern designs that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally beneficial. For instance, curvy designers help to create a sophisticated atmosphere for a kitchen. It even allows for an amicable space to entertain guests.


Homeowners can work with professional designers to find right color combination for their installation. When working with colors, it is essential to consider the existing decorations in a space. Providing contrasting shades in a space would make the unique features of a galley stand out.

Terra cotta

This material provides a warm and earthy finish to a kitchen. Homeowners can pair this material with soapstone countertops or class brass hardware to achieve conventional yet elegant designs. If needed, they can even install terra cotta tiles for this floor to create consistency with the rest of the fixtures.


Some trends even allow kitchen lenders to be integrated with islands. It can be either a stand-alone cupboard or pantry set. They should be large enough to accommodate all the staples and cutlery for a household. Adequate space even allows staying organized while taking up minimal room. Make sure to measure the dimensions of a kitchen and work with those measurements to avoid any unsatisfying results. As for materials, homeowners can research online to make an informed decision.


More and more individuals are using wallpaper to decorate their space in recent times. The market is filled with many options that come with attractive and robust designs. These trendy wallpapers allow them to decorate a space without spending money on new paintwork. Make sure to check the permanency and quality of products before buying them.

Black appliances

A newest trend is people replacing conventional stainless appliances with black, glossy ones. Manufacturers are also aware of this trend and they are offering sophisticated combination of dark and slate color options. Some even collaborate with popular designers to create black stainless-steel series.

Benefits of kitchen islands

Installing an island provide an additional space to store items in addition to cabinetry. It acts an extension for other drawers and cabinets, as people can organize their dry goods easily in these installations. Moreover, it allows better accessibility for preparing foods and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the activities.

A kitchen island provides an extra seating option for kids and guests. They can relax while family members are cooking or preparing meals. The most common options in the market can hold up to two or six individuals. People can also additional seats based on their needs.

Lastly, choosing kitchen countertop materials provide endless options. Homeowners can choose between blocks, granites, or custom wood varieties based on their budget. They should set up an initial budget and consult with professionals for making better choices. One must research online or refer lifestyle magazines for inspiration.