Kitchen Cabinets, Counter-Tops, Backsplashes, Flooring, Colors and Finishes

The design criteria we use for our kitchen remodeling consists of the 5 primary ingredients that make up a recipe for some of the most mouth watering kitchens you can find in the Phoenix and Mesa Arizona areas.  One thing for certain our designs are syndicated and shared across a large network of professional design sources and social communities around the world, we’re an established contributor to Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook and many more communities that reach far beyond Arizona.  We ship our custom cabinets from coast to coast.

The first phase of any design is determining the lifecycle of the remodel; How Long Will I Want The Look and Feel, ask yourself a few questions, it will make an impact on the cost and material selection:

  • Forever; This is exactly what i want
  • Several years, or until I can truly afford what I want
  • A couple of years, until we’re ready to move into our next house
  • I,m just updating for immediate sale, make it trendy

Kitchen Cabinet Design

The unique characteristics of each design are set off by the customers taste.  The cabinetry in itself is one of the primary focal points of the kitchen, add a little flair to the cabinets with crown moulding, glass pane doors, a wine rack, handles and  hardware,  then a splash of color and select from a variety of finishes.  We offer the largest selection of quality cabinets in the state of Arizona.

Of course, appliances are a major factor in the remodel and the cost of replacing should be considered when deciding on your design.  When our customers sit down with our professional designers, they have the option of creating and seeing their designs with and without their existing appliances to ensure they have explored the replacement cost compromise versus the total makeover, at no charge.

Counter-Top Design

The combinations of mad made and natural hard surfaces and their multitude of colors and finishes is virtually endless. Add to that, now you have to determine which counter-top material fits your room, style, budget, and expectations.   That’s where we come in, we develop out a custom palette for contrast and complimenting colors for your ease of visualization.

There are typically 5 categories, or styles for counter-tops:

  1. Elegant and Formal
  2. Casual and Friendly
  3. Industrial, or “Chic”
  4. Sleek and Contemporary
  5. Colorful and Fun

Backsplash Design

Back splash designs are largely dependent on the choice of the counter-top rather than the cabinets, and a main factor in selection is the size and location of the kitchen island and most certainly, if there is tile or natural stone in the design, the flooring is a factor.   Nice thing about this is we design and install it all, and our design session will cover every aspect and material within your dream makeover.

Flooring Design

Much like the Counter-Tops and Backsplashes, custom flooring for the kitchen has no boundaries when it comes to selections, and we have the largest array of tiles, in ceramic and porcelain, glazed or unglazed: Glazed tile has a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish.   Traffic and maintenance are the wear factors; the right selection will satisfy both.

Our selection of Natural Stone spans the  of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Slate. We also make available custom Glass flooring too.

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