Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Looking Fantastic

The counter tops in your kitchen are one of the most important surfaces in your entire home. You prepare your food on them and you probably put whatever you bring into the house on them. Depending on the layout of your kitchen and whether you have an island in the middle or if your counters have depth for stools, you may also eat off them. Ultimately, your counter tops need to look great all of the time, and you don’t want them to appear dirty or damaged. Here are some tips on how to keep your counter tops looking their best.

Use a Cutting Board

When you cut things directly on your counter with a sharp knife, it can sustain a lot of nicks and marks. Softer surfaces such as older Formica are particularly prone to cuts, but even very hard surfaces can sustain some wear from sharp knives, It’s best to avoid cutting food directly on your counter top and to use a cutting board instead. Also, using a cutting board makes cleanup much easier because you can bring it over to your trash container or garbage disposal to get rid of whatever you’re not going to use and then wash it in the sink.

Pick a Great Cleaning Product

Within the past decade, there have some amazing cleaning products coming out. They take the elbow-grease out of counter cleanup and make removing tough messes a lot easier. Melamine is a particularly effective cleaning agent that will help remove stains and grease from a counter without using a harsh bleach product, and it will save you from having to scour a surface with a scrubby sponge that could damage your counter top.

In many homes, the kitchen is the hub where people come together and hang out. Keeping your kitchen counter tops meticulously clean and in good condition will help to make your home look well-cared for and enhance your kitchen’s appearance.