Increase Storage Space With a Custom Kitchen Countertop

Increase Storage Space With a Custom Kitchen Countertop

Space in a kitchen is always at a premium. No matter the size, you can easily fill it with beautiful dishes or amazing, time-saving devices. So, what do you do when you run out of space? Maximize your area with a custom kitchen countertop and use creative storage ideas.

1. Add a desk

Consider wrapping your countertop around a corner, or dropping it down a level, to create a functional workspace that will make keeping up with the bills and cooking dinner a simultaneous possibility. You could also create a pull-out surface that slides neatly under your countertop and can be tucked away when it’s not needed.

2. Create a breakfast bar

By extending your custom countertop beyond the edge of the cabinets you can increase your surface area and give your kids a convenient spot to eat breakfast or do homework. Homework supplies can be stored in hanging baskets down the outside of the cabinet, and dishes look beautiful on floating shelves above.

3. Include discreet storage

When adding custom countertops, you have an opportunity to create unique storage spaces. Consider designing an overhanging countertop that is deep enough to include shallow drawers for extra storage. If you don’t have the space to include a full breakfast bar, you could just extend the countertop far enough to create a ledge with extra open shelves on the end of your cupboard to house tidy boxes of supplies or stacks of kitchen cookbooks.

4. Use countertop space creatively

Think vertical, when you need to add a little extra storage. Beautiful open shelving made of wood or even copper piping can be added to stand on the back half of your countertop, adding personality and color to your space.

With a little ingenuity and some forethought, your kitchen can be filled with storage space and enough work area to make you fall in love with it again.