How You Can Use Cabinets To Organize Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom suffering from disorganization and too much clutter? You may have your essential toiletries on the counter for quick access, but without a better way to organize them, how you do know what you have? Keeping everything from first aid supplies to grooming products in a dedicated space can help you be more efficient and more relaxed, both when getting ready for your day or unwinding before bed. With well-organized cabinets in your bathroom, you can stay on top of the clutter.

It’s All Clear

Glass, acrylic, or clear plastic shelving can make it easier for you to see what you have, especially in the dark spaces in the back of a cabinet or under the sink. Look for multi-tiered shelves to use more of the vertical cabinet space that tends to be underutilized.

You’ve Got Magnetism

You may have seen magnetic strips used in a kitchen to store knives out of the way. You can use the same technique on the inside of a cabinet door to keep your small tools, such as tweezers, small scissors, or nail clippers at the ready.

Get a Leg Up

Young children and or anyone who could benefit from an extra inch or two may take up cabinet or limited floor space with a step stool, but instead, what if you had a pull-out stepstool that was built into the space under your sink cabinets? A carpenter or cabinet designer can incorporate a simple stool into your cabinet plan for efficient use of space.

Roll It Out

You may enjoy the convenience of sliding drawers in your kitchen to help you reach items stored in the back. Why not include slide-out drawers or rolling shelves in your bathroom for the same reason? You can use those hard-to-reach spots without having to crouch down and dig out everything.

By using your cabinet space more efficiently, you can stay on top of your supplies and maybe even shave a few minutes off your routine. Making your bathroom a peaceful oasis instead of a cluttered stressor sounds like a winning solution.