How To Pick the Right Hardware for Your Cabinets

Whether you are planning a major kitchen overhaul or designing yours from scratch, don’t overlook the details. Picking the right hardware for your new kitchen cabinets can really make them pop. Read on for what to consider.

What’s the Look?

If your kitchen is designed in a contemporary style, you will probably want to opt for hardware that is sleek and streamlined. If the look of the room is traditional, then smooth, small openers may be more suitable. In a kitchen that features heavily detailed or ornate woodwork, think about adding equally elaborate hardware to make a bold statement.

What Colors Are in Your Kitchen?

If you’ve chosen bright or dramatic colors for your cabinets, it may be best to keep your hardware simple so as not to overshadow their intensity. On the other hand, if your cabinetry is in neutral tones then vibrantly-hued openers can add a fun splash of color. Think, too, about your countertops and appliances, and select hardware that will complement their finishes without clashing.

Should You Choose Knobs or Pulls?

Cabinetry knobs are usually simple geometric shapes such as round, oval or square, and they are appropriate for both cupboards and drawers. The size of the knob should be scaled to the size of the cabinet on which it will be installed. Cup pulls work best on drawers, as they are gripped from beneath to slide the bin outward. Bar pulls can be used on both cupboards and drawers, but again should be sized proportionately. In many kitchens, it may make sense to use a combination of knobs and pulls to add visual variety that will still fit with the overall style.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, think about more than just the big stuff. Picking the right hardware for your new kitchen cabinets can add the perfect finishing touch and pull your entire look together.