How to Pick the Right Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets

There is no denying that white and bright kitchens have been major trend as of late.  But, if you are looking to remodel your kitchen and install new cabinetry, how do you know what color kitchen cabinets are best for your home?  One of the first things you will need to do is determine if you will be staining your cabinetry or painting it?  Both have advantages and drawbacks and both look beautiful so the choice will depend on your personal aesthetic, lifestyle, home decor, etc.

First, it is important to look at the design of kitchen cabinetry you are choosing to install.  Are you traditional, transitional, modern?  The style of cabinetry you choose may impact your color choice.  The next thing you need to consider is how long you plan to be in the home and how that could impact your style evolution over time.  It can be fun and exciting to paint your cabinets a bold and unique color choice but, is it timeless and will you hate it in 3 years?  If you don’t think you will live there long or are not concerned about having to remodel again in the future then go for it!  But, generally speaking, kitchen cabinets are such a central living space in the home that it is ideal to choose a timeless and neutral color that will be able to transition easily over time.

If you choose to paint your cabinets, painting lighter colors will help the room feel light, vibrant and more spacious.  And, while light or white cabinets are timeless, elegant and lovely, they do show dirt, food and other things that may accumulate on them very quickly.  Light color cabinets are great in a large kitchen but are particularly ideal for smaller kitchens or more closed off spaces because they will help the space feel more open.

Dark colors, whether painted or stained, look beautiful and elegant as well.  But, if you have a small or closed off space it could make the space feel even more small.  One solution to this problem is to use dark colors on the bottom cabinetry and lighter colors on top.  Or, if you have a larger or more open kitchen, dark colors may make a beautiful statement and they certainly stand up to the test of time.