How to Choose Cabinet Pulls

Your cabinet pulls may not be the first thing you think about when remodeling but it shouldn’t be the last either! Your cabinet’s handles will impact the appearance of your cabinetry and ultimately your entire kitchen so they should be looked at and ideally chosen around the same time you decide on cabinets and other metal accents in your kitchen like your faucet, lighting, and appliances. While it is ok to mix metals in your kitchen design, you want to do it with intention so that it looks cohesive rather than clashing.

When it comes to cabinet pulls, there are endless possibilities that span a huge range of price points so narrowing down your options may seem overwhelming. If you know that you prefer your metals to match in your kitchen that can be an easy place to start.  Whether using existing or new elements of your kitchen such as light fixtures, faucets, or appliances, their metal and finish can help guide you when choosing cabinet pull material.

In addition to cabinet pull material and finish, you will need to consider size and shape. Perhaps you want all one shape with varying sizes depending on their application, or perhaps you want to consider mixing shapes and incorporating both round knobs with your pulls to add more visual interest. When you want to accent the natural lines of your cabinetry, cabinet pulls are the way to go – but don’t feel like you can’t get creative with size. Make a statement with oversized pulls!  The final point that is important is, regardless of your material and shape preferences, it is ideal to coordinate your pulls with your overall. Kitchen aesthetic for cohesive finished design.

What are types of pulls?

Homeowners should start by researching the type of pulls. Each of these options will has the own look and function.

Bar pulls

These bar pulls will have a long bar used to open or close the drawer. These are attached to one or two points with fasteners. There are endless varieties in bar pulls size and styles available.

Cup pulls

This option consists of half circles that are attached to cabinets. People can open them by reaching underneath and pulling out the installation. Since it has a different function, it is a popular option for modular kitchens with a wide array of styles.

Finger pulls

It is a modern cabinet design that are screwed in sides or tops of a cabinet door. Finger pulls consists of a thin piece of metal. They offer a sleek and contemporary look, offering minimal functioning on cabinet pulls. These pulls are common around European make cabinets and designer drawers.

Appliance pulls

These appliance pulls are a larger version of conventional pulls used in kitchen. These are installed in original stainless doors with either one or two end point. The appliance pulls often consists of long metal attachments made of stainless and aluminum metals connected with fasteners.

Difference between knobs and pulls


The knobs are smaller in size. They provide a subtle appearance than other options. People with designer backsplash can opt for knobs to create pleasing aesthetics. They can also make their cabinets more stunning by installing knobs with the guidance of professional technicians.


Choosing pulls over knobs have many benefits. It is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for comfort and ease of use. Pulls reduce the amount of work required to open or close cabinets. These installations will also make the cabinet appear more clean with a wide selection of designs.

What is the best place to install pulls?

Most cabinet pulls are installed in paneled doors. This installation method is aesthetically pleasing and easy than other options. People using elongated pulls, they should opt for top end points. The circles on painter tape will create a more classic look, offsetting the pulls in line with the rail.

Slab doors need permanent holes to the bottom and top end to place pulls. It is essential to adjust the hole placements accordingly if there are any loose ends. If necessary, adjust the screw holes to accommodate extended pulls that are in equidistant from other installations.

Paneled cabinets require more extensive installation than others. The choice is aesthetically pleasing to install hardware. Since it is easier to make the pulls reach, the mounting location may involve vertical pullouts. It is even recommended for heavy vertical drawers for better function and style.