Freshen Up Your Bathroom!

Your bathroom plays a huge role in your life, and you want it to look great. Many people think bathroom updates are difficult, time-consuming and expensive, involving plumbers and masons and mess. But you can give your bathroom a fresh new look without all of that just by changing your vanity.

That Sinking Feeling

While your current vanity may have been perfect for you when it was installed, that doesn’t mean it’s still perfect now. Needs change, and your vanity size or shape may make it inconvenient or difficult to perform routine activities. Maybe you’re just tired of the way the vanity looks, and want to freshen up.

Choosing a New Vanity

As long as the dimensions are right, you can have almost anything you want in a bathroom vanity. Size, shape, materials, storage options—all of these can be customized to an impressive degree to help make your bathroom work better for you. Before you begin the search, measure carefully to see how much room you have, and note the position of pipes that may need to be accommodated.

All or Some?

The most basic question to ask is whether you want to replace both the sink and the surround, or just the surround. In most cases, choosing to replace both will be easier, and afford you more options. Many vanity surrounds are designed to work with a particular sink, and retrofitting to accommodate the fixture already in place can add to cost and installation time. There’s also the chance that the new vanity will not work as well with the dimension of your old sink as with the one it was designed for originally.

DIY or Professional Help?

Many vanities are designed for easy install, and if you have the time, patience, tools and expertise, you may be able to do the installation yourself. But in most cases, it will be a good idea to call a plumber to help with the installation if you are replacing the sink itself. While it may be a simple changeout, plumbers have the tools and experience to make the process quick and efficient, avoiding potentially costly plumbing mistakes.