Free In Home Design Consultation

Your home is what is being remodeled. Why would you want to leave the space you are about to change to go talk about it elsewhere. Even if you don’t realize it your current space speaks to a designer. It can give designers a clear picture of how you use the current space as well as any modifications you have made to make the current space more efficient. The color choice of towel colors and any decorations in the space says a lot as well.

Color says a lot

Color is one of the few things you want to think about before a design consultation. You don’t need to know the exact shade of paint or stain you want to use but a general idea is very helpful. Some of the options to consider are the clean look of white cabinets, the bold look of black, color or dark stained cabinets then there is also the warm option of some of the lighter honey colored cabinets. The exact choice may be difficult to make most people tend to lean more towards one of those three options listed above.

Kitchen Specs:

Bridgewood-Advantage Cabinets

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Faucet and Sink

Granite Countertops

Tile Backsplash similar to Marazzi’s Terracotta Strip Mosaic from their Crystal Stone II Collection

Flooring Similar to Marazzi’s Oak from their Riflessi di Legno Collection

Can Lights

Kitchen Cabinets in Scottsdale Bridgewood-Advantage

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