Framed vs. Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

If you have not bought cabinetry recently, you may not have heard of frameless kitchen cabinetry.  Or perhaps, you didn’t know there were two different styles at all.  Framed kitchen cabinets are more common, particularly in the United States, but frameless cabinetry (already popular in Europe) is growing in popularity because it offers a variety of unique features that framed kitchen cabinetry does not.  Ultimately, which type of cabinetry will depend on your home and your needs so below we take a look at how the two compare so that your decision will be a little easier!

Framed cabinets, which you are likely already familiar with, are designed with a cabinet box that then has a frame placed on the front and sometimes down the middle between two cabinets.  This frame supports the weight of the kitchen doors and has a more traditional feel.  Additionally, with the frame, it is easier to make adjustments as needed for the door/drawer placement.  But, the frame and its center piece adds additional bulk and can also hinder access to the interior of the cabinet which can be inconvenient and inefficient.

Unlike framed cabinets, frameless cabinets have no front frame and the doors are directly attached to the cabinet box.  This means that there is less flexibility i8n terms of configuration, design, and door/drawer openings.  But, because it does not have the addition of the frame, the overall appearance is less bulky, more streamlined, more contemporary, and has expanded access to the cabinet’s interior because it does not have the center frame piece.