Bridgewood Kitchen Cabinets Custom Elevated Dishwasher

We found this unique idea from Home Interior Solutions of N.W. Florida ( and thought we would share it for an inspirational remodeling idea for our Phoenix area homeowners.

Here’s what Home Interior Solutions had to say:

“when you’re loading the dishwasher, it’s right at your knees. It’s not so low where you’re bending over. That’s one thing the homeowners really wanted, and to plan ahead for the elderly age. We’ve got an apron-front sink, that’s made by Kohler, in a very nice color and goes with the tops and the cabinets well. That was one of the things we centered the design of the kitchen around.

We’ve got your pull-out trashcan, sink, dishwasher all right here together. The homeowner really likes this. It’s a very functional space for her.”

Here are a few pictures of the elevated dishwasher kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Remodeling Idseas for Phoenix Elevated Dishwasher Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling Elevated Dishwasher Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Phoenix Remodeling