Current Trends in the Cabinet Industry And a Look at Trends to Come

If you are getting ready to install new kitchen cabinetry in the coming months or even in the next year or two, the last thing you want is your cabinetry to look outdated.  While there are certainly kitchen cabinetry styles that are timeless, there are often fluctuations from year to year in trends.  That is not to say that these kitchen cabinetry trends are passing fads, but new and interesting styles that can make your home look current and stylish while maintaining a timeless elegance.  Below we take a look at what some of the current trends are in the cabinet industry as well as some projections of trends to come.

Tall Kitchen Cabinets

For so long it seemed like the trend was to make everything smaller.  Tiny, streamlined, efficient, whatever you want to call it – it usually meant smaller.  And, while we are all for streamlined and smaller for certain things, other things like cabinet storage demand more.  More space, more storage – something that can only be achieved with taller kitchen cabinets.  While there are ways to maximize storage in kitchen cabinets, there is no easier and more elegant way to do so than with tall kitchen cabinets.  Not only do they look great, they maximize storage and are a hot trend right now.

Fewer Upper Cabinet

If you want to go the other way with things and skip the tall cabinets, you may opt for more lower cabinetry with better storage.  And, since you have ample storage in your lower cabinets, you can make your kitchen feel more open by reducing or completely getting rid of upper cabinets.

Skip the White

White kitchen cabinets have been all the rage for the last few years but that tide is turning.  While white kitchen cabinets will always be a timeless classic, trends are moving away from white.  Kitchen cabinet trends are moving towards either a mixture of white cabinets in combination with another color or wood finish, or away from white altogether.  That does not mean you cannot still have your airy and bright kitchen, though.  There are light wood tones and many light colors and finishes you can opt for with your kitchen cabinetry.  And, if you are feeling particularly bold you could choose a bold and unique color or dark finish to enhance your kitchen aesthetic.