Create a More Functional Kitchen by Adding an Island

Today’s homes are all about making efficient use of available space. This is particularly true in kitchen areas, especially with the trend of more open floor plans. One way to accomplish this is by adding an island or even upgrading an existing one. Kitchen islands have become more functional than ever before. Below are some of the top reasons to add this feature to one of the most heavily utilized spaces in your home.

Provides New Seating

No matter the size of the island, it can quickly become a popular alternative to eating in the formal dining room or on the sofa. An extended countertop with bar height chairs make it convenient to serve meals, since food preparation and cleanup areas are just steps away. It also provides added capability for hosting dinner guests or family gatherings.

Adds Style

While some islands mirror the design of the other cabinets and countertop in the kitchen, they do not necessarily have to. By making it a different finish, the island can become a pop of style that stands out in the open space. Utilize a butcher block top instead of granite to add warmth, or make the base cabinets a complementary color to the existing ones.

Breaks Conventions

Traditional kitchen designs usually have the sink, range, and microwave all incorporated into the main countertop area. The addition of an island allows you to get creative by moving one or more of these functions over to it. This can create more efficient work areas or free up space for custom shelving or other decorative touches.

Creates Surface Area

Finally, the presence of an island will immediately create more counter area to make use of. Baking, cooking, slicing and dicing no longer needs to be done in cramped quarters. The additional surface space will give your kitchen a more relaxed and open feel.