Made in China Cabinets Sold as “Built In America”

Home Owners Beware, The lure of Cheap Kitchen and Bath Cabinets being advertized as Built In America.

The China kitchen and bath cabinets imports are shipped unassembled (Ready To Assemble, RTA) to a variety of distribution centers and then delivered as RTA to local wholesalers and point of sales outlets for assembly, or direct ships to the DIY’s and trade professionals for installation.

The marketing ploy used “Built In America” is a deceptive form of advertizing to entice the home owner into believing their cabinets are actually made in the USA, when they are definitely not! They’re merely assembled in the states, which is a far cry from Built in America. 

The major problems with the imported China Cabinets are the poor quality standards and long lead times for replacement parts and the variations in color and finish from lot to lot.  When the end user has a warped or damaged door (most common defect found), or molding and or trim in the wrong color/finish (2nd most common defect), and hardware (3rd most common defect)  they have to request a replacement part(s) by a lot # and may have to wait up to 4 weeks for a replacement, if they can even locate the same lot# within the supply chain. If the same lot# is not available, the consumer is stuck with keeping it as is.

China Cabinet Importers and Retailers Sales Policy in Phoenix

Made in China, Built in America Cabinet Return Policy

In order to return an item, a return authorization must be issued. A 25% restocking charge as well as round trip freight charges will be incurred. All items must be in original carton and unused. Returns cannot be made after product has been assembled or installed by the customer. Returns cannot be made after 30 days.

Made in China Built in America Cabinet Freight Damage Policy

Please count and examine all packages at time of delivery. If there is a shortage, please note how many cartons are short on the delivery receipt and send the list to our Customer Service Dept. If the cartons are damaged, please note the damage on the delivery receipt. If concealed damaged is discovered after the receipt of the merchandise, we must be notified within 7 days to enable us to replace parts or the damaged product at no cost to you.


Made in China Built in America Cabinet Warranty: NONE!!!!

You will never ever see a warranty on a Chinese cabinet. Say you scratch a door, or it warps 3 months after your new kitchen is installed, with domestic manufactures you can call up your cabinet supplier and order just the replacement door you need. With Chinese suppliers you have to reorder THE ENTIRE CABINET!! Make sure you ask your supplier about this and if they say you can actually get the part you need without ordering THE ENTIRE CABINET be sure to get it in writing!

My name is Edward Mugits, I have personally toured several China Cabinetry wholesalers,  retail businesses and showrooms with assembled China Import Cabinets in the state of Arizona and advertized as Built in America. Buyer Beware!