Bold, Beautiful Black Custom Cabinets make a Striking Impression

If you are looking for your kitchen to make a bold statement look no further. Black has become a very popular color for kitchen cabinets and this kitchen in Phoenix is just one great example of what can be done with black. The beautiful black cabinets are accented by the brushed chrome knobs and drawer pulls. This accent is carried through to the faucet and the full stainless steel appliances chosen for the kitchen. The granite countertop includes black in the color scheme as well as some dusty pinks. The neutral choice of tea and honey was an inspired choice to bring out the pink accents in the granite countertops.


Kitchen AZ Cabinets Remodel Phoenix Kitchen

Updating and Refreshing the Look Later

One of the best things of black cabinets is the limitless choices for wall color. When you have had enough of the current color it is easy to pick a color to update the look of your kitchen. The best part is by going with a different color is that with the black cabinets the wall color is easily highlighted. Perhaps you are ready for some bold color to add to the attractions of your kitchen. With a kitchen and the limited wall space the color would be present its easy to go for the bold and continue the color in a softer accent in the living area adjacent. It would be easy to see this kitchen in Glidden’s Rosy Mauve with the living area in the softer Berries & Cream or painting the kitchen in Glidden’s Very Violet with the living area in Iced Purple. One way or another it is easy to see how this kitchen will continue to surprise and please for years to come.


Kitchen AZ Cabinets Phoenix Kitchen Remodel

Phoenix Kitchen Custom Remodel Specs

Black Cabinets

Stainless Steel Appliances

Brushed Chrome Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Granite Countertops

Tea and Honey paint