Bathroom Mini-Makeover Ideas

You don’t need to completely overhaul your bathroom to make it look new again. By installing a new vanity or storage cabinet, you can instantly freshen up your bathroom to match your updated style. Sometimes a mini-makeover or just upgrading a few pieces in your bathroom are enough to make it look totally new.

Vanity Upgrade

The vanity is a central part of every bathroom. For many, it’s where the most time is spent. From getting ready in the morning to brushing your teeth before bed, you interact with your vanity throughout the day. Your surroundings often affect your mood. By creating a vanity space that you enjoy, you can start the day off great when you wake up and end the evening on a nice note before bed. A vanity upgrade can involve new cabinets and a new sink, or it can be as simple as repainting your existing cabinetry or adding new and trendy handles. No matter your budget, upgrading your vanity is a very feasible option.

Storage Cabinet Installation

Bathrooms tend to get cluttered and messy very easily. A bathroom storage cabinet is a great way to tame the mess and keep everything organized and clean. With a storage cabinet, not only will you be able to tuck all your clutter away, but you can also improve the efficiency of your morning or nightly routine. Having things organized and all in one place can speed up the process of getting ready. Bathroom storage cabinets range from simple over-the-sink cabinets that are perfect for small items to large, standing cabinets that fit over the toilet or against a wall and can hold everything from makeup to towels.

Sometimes all your space needs to feel brand new is a quick and minor upgrade, such as a vanity or storage cabinet. By renovating even just small parts of your bathroom, you can create a completely new and improved space.