Adding an Island to Your Kitchen Creates More Surface & Cabinet Space

When it comes to kitchen design, there are two things you can never have too much of – counter space and cabinet space.  Whether you cook a lot, entertain, or just need a place to store things, it seems that surface space and cabinet storage are always in high demand.  But, if your kitchen is already designed and built, or if you are redesigning your kitchen and trying to determine how you can maximize countertop and cabinet space, one way to maximize your kitchen is to add a kitchen island.  Adding an island, regardless of island size, maximizes your kitchen surface and cabinet space.

A Kitchen Island Creates More Counter Surface Space

Entertaining, cooking, baking or just doing homework demands kitchen surface space.  Not only will you have more countertop space for whatever work you need to do in the kitchen but, if you are remodeling or just building a new kitchen you have more surface space on which you can install kitchen appliances.  Perhaps it would be more convenient to have your cooktop on your island or you would rather face out when cooking instead of into a wall – you can have that option with a kitchen island!  Want a prep sink at a convenient location in your kitchen?  Put one in your island!

A Kitchen Island Creates More Cabinet Space

It often feels like, no matter how much kitchen cabinet space you have, you always need more.  Adding a kitchen island adds additional cabinet storage for any kitchen gadgets, small kitchen appliances, cookbooks, utensils, serving platters, cookware, or anything else you might need to store.  Further, there are many ways to customize storage in your kitchen island, as Angie’s List notes, “You can add cubbies, drawers and shelves to your kitchen island for instant storage. You can also put custom cabinetry underneath the island to store garbage or recycling canisters, cooking supplies or those large pots and pans that never fit elsewhere.”