Add Beauty and Functionality to Your Kitchen Cabinets with Low-Voltage LED Lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Whether you cook a lot or not, you probably store things you use on a daily basis in your kitchen cabinets.  We’ve all looked through our cabinets only to find long-lost items like an old can of corn, expired snacks, or that one plate or set of glasses you completely forgot you had because it was all the way at the back and you couldn’t see it.  Even when cabinetry is not incredibly deep, it can sometimes be hard to see what is inside.  And, if you have window pane cabinetry to display dishes, glassware, or other items, they may not be well-displayed if there is no cabinet lighting.  Fortunately, by adding low-voltage LED lighting, you can solve both of these problems.

LED lighting can be easily and cost-effectively installed in your kitchen cabinets to enhance both the beauty and functionality of your cabinetry.  LED lighting can be controlled by a switch outside the cabinets and also be triggered to turn on by you opening cabinets if you so desire.  Because LED lighting is low-voltage, it is simple and safe to install in your kitchen without the hassle of permits or special electricians.

LED lighting can be added inside your cabinetry, underneath your cabinetry, or both. While there are many types of lighting that can be added underneath cabinetry or in cabinetry, Bob Vila describes the advantages of LED cabinet lighting, “Under-cabinet lighting has come a long way since those old-style humming fluorescents and super hot halogen pucks, with new choices to fit a wide range of budgets and styles…ultra-thin LED strips virtually disappear under your cabinets and provide clean, bright, even light that makes kitchen preparation tasks a snap. Individual LED pucks can be spaced at custom intervals to achieve exactly the look you want. Some models can be used with a dimmer switch for near-perfect control of your lighting levels.” Consider implementing LED lighting for an energy-efficient, beautiful, and highly functional enhancement to your kitchen cabinetry.