5 Kitchen Countertops to Fit Any Budget

When it comes to kitchen remodels, no two are the same, and that means no two budgets are the same either.  Kitchen remodels can be done on just about any budget and they can be beautiful and add value to your home on any budget.  When you are installing new custom kitchen cabinetry you will also need to choose new countertop material.  There are many different countertop materials from which to choose.  Beautiful, unique, modern, and exciting countertop material options come in every style and at every price point.  Below are 5 kitchen countertops to fit any budget.

1. Natural Stone

Natural stone like granite and marble tend to be on the more expensive side for countertop materials. However there are many affordable options and the price range can be significant when it comes to natural stone.  Natural stone will need to be sealed to resist stains but is generally a very durable countertop material.

2. Quartz

There are quartz countertops in many different price ranges.  When it comes to expense, they tend to be moderate – expensive. However, quart has many unique styles and is very durable.  And, one of the largest benefits of quartz is that it requires almost no maintenance, it just looks great without any sealing, polishing or other treatments.

3. Engineered Stone

Engineered stone countertop products are very interesting.  Most people cannot tell the difference between them and real stone.  But, while natural stone tends to be on the more expensive side, engineered stone tends to fall somewhere in the mid-range.

4. Laminate

Laminate is one of the least expensive countertop options available.  While many homeowners hear laminate and go running the other direction, there are many stylish laminate options available today and laminate tends to be very durable and low maintenance.

5. Wood

Wood countertops may, at first glance, seem like they would be a cheaper kitchen countertop material but, in fact, they tend to be pricier.  That is because wood countertops must be treated to make them stain, moisture, and scratch resistant.  And, they will require continued treatment for protection over the years.