4 Popular Countertop Edge Profiles

4 Popular Countertop Edge Profiles

When you are remodeling your kitchen, one of the most exciting things to choose is your countertop material.  And, while you may already know what type of countertop material you want to have, or what color and pattern you want, but you may not know what countertop edge profile to choose.  If you are unfamiliar with what a countertop edge profile is, it simply is the way the edges of your countertops are finished. But, make no mistake, the countertop edge profile you choose will be important and set the tone for how your countertops look when installed. There are multiple different countertop edge profiles so below we look at a few popular options to help you in making the perfect choice for your kitchen.

1. Square – Clean and simple in design, this works well with almost any architectural or interior design style.

2. Beveled – A bevel profile features a slight (45 degrees) edge makes a subtle but strong design statement that works best in contemporary designs.

3. Bullnose – A traditional rounded-edge finish, this profile works best in more traditional kitchens.

4. Mitered – A mitered edge countertop looks much like a square edge but, unlike finishing a slab at the edge with a square profile, this method miters a piece to the edge at the edge that makes the slab look thicker without the added expense of a thicker slab.  This profile looks great in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.