3 Ways To Highlight Your New Kitchen Cabinets

3 Ways To Highlight Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Gorgeous cabinets are something to be proud of. They add major personality to the kitchen and let you give the space a personal twist. Whether your design vision focuses on vintage flair, contemporary elegance or country warmth, custom cabinets have the power to bring it to life. How can you draw attention to stunning cabinets naturally?

1. Pay Attention to Lighting Choices

Illumination plays a huge role in telling people where to look. So if you want your cabinets to be the room’s focal point, it’s important to select light fixtures wisely. Steer away from huge chandeliers over the kitchen island and look for indirect lighting tied to your cabinets instead.

Under-cabinet lights can highlight a gorgeous combination of custom cabinetry and marble countertops, or you can opt for recessed lighting arranged in front of cabinets. If your cabinets have glass doors, interior LEDs look luxurious and breathtaking.

2. Install a Contrasting Backsplash

Focal points are all about contrast. One way to make cabinets stand out in the kitchen is by choosing dark finishes or bold colors. Dark Brazilian cherry or stained walnut doors are impossible to miss. What if you prefer a light, airy kitchen instead?

Use a backsplash that’s even lighter than the natural wood tones. This lets you opt for honey-colored cabinets that still make a big impression. For cabinets painted white, go with darker neutrals or contrasting textures — like gloss versus matte — when installing a backsplash.

3. Select Amazing Hardware

Hardware choices are a great way to draw attention to cabinets, and they enhance the look of the space at the same time. Glass knobs, brilliant silver or gold tones, and dark bronze period pieces all say something about your design theme. For minimalist decor, pay special attention to sleek contours.

Do Your Need More Design Tips?

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to enjoy an amazing kitchen with expressive cabinets. Contact the helpful experts at Kitchen AZ for custom cabinet creations, design advice and perfect accessories.