3 Things to Consider When Getting a New Bathroom Vanity

Whether you are designing a brand new bathroom, completely remodeling your existing bathroom, or just wanting a new bathroom vanity, choosing the right vanity can be challenging.  There are so many options when it comes to material, finish, features, size, etc.  A new bathroom vanity will set the tone for your bathroom and is no small investment so it is important to weigh all factors and choose carefully.  Below are 3 things to consider when getting a new bathroom vanity.

3 Things to Consider When Getting a New Bathroom Vanity

1. How Much Room Do You Have for Your Bathroom Vanity

The last thing you want to do is buy or custom build a bathroom vanity only to realize it cannot fit in your existing space.  Fortunately, if you are custom building a vanity this is unlikely to happen because the builder will meticulously measure the space.  But, it is important to thoroughly measure the space you have to determine what type of vanity you can fit.  Even if you are working with a smaller space, depending on the dimensions, you may be able to get a double vanity if you so desire.

2. What Type of Aesthetic Are You Trying to Achieve

When choosing what type of material, finish, color and style you need to consider what type of aesthetic you are trying to achieve.  Are you trying to match the existing decor and architectural aesthetic of your home or change it through remodeling?  If your home is modern you probably do not want a rustic vanity and vice versa.

3. What Type of Storage & Lighting Features Would You Like

One of the distinct advantages of building a custom vanity or working with a cabinet manufacturer is that you can choose exactly what storage and lighting features you would like in your bathroom vanity.  Do you want extra drawers for storage?  A plug in a drawer for your blowdryer to keep it hidden and discreet yet convenient?  Do you want your cabinets to light up when opened?  All of that can be achieved when you invest in a high quality custom bathroom vanity.