3 Reasons to Install Shaker Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet trends come and go but there are a few styles that are time-tested and beautiful. Shaker cabinets are one kitchen cabinet style that always looks great and are transitional enough in style that they can integrate into many different home architectural styles with ease. The shaker style has been around since the early 1800s when the religious community, known as The Shakers, started making simple and practical furniture. If you are debar what type of cabinetry yo should install in your kitchen remodel, below we take a closer look at three great reasons you should consider Shaker cabinets.

3 Reasons to Install Shaker Cabinets

1. Shaker Cabinetry is Versatile

Shaker cabinetry is very streamlined compared to the cabinetry styles that may have beveled edges or other decorative features. Shaker cabinets typically consist of one recessed center panel with an outer frame. And, their design is so versatile that they can easily personalize your cabinets with unique colors or hardware.

2. Shaker Cabinetry is Timeless

It’s clean and simple appearance has helped it stand the test of time, decade after decade, century after century. When you invest in Shaker cabinets, you know you will get a great return on your investment and add value to your home.

3. Shaker Cabinetry is Budget-Friendly

Because Shaker cabinets are relatively easy to manufacture, they tend to be less expensive than other cabinetry types. If you are on a budget, these cabinets would make a great option for your kitchen remodel.