3 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Install Custom Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to selecting countertops for your kitchen, there are countless options from which to choose.  Narrowing down your choices can feel overwhelming at times but one of the best ways to begin narrowing your choice is to decide whether or not you want to install custom countertops or prefabricated countertops.  While there are advantages and drawbacks to both, we believe firmly that it is a much better investment to choose custom countertops.  Below are 3 reasons every homeowner should install custom countertops in their kitchen, rather than prefabricated countertops.

3 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Install Custom Kitchen Countertops

1. Freedom to Choose Countertop Pattern Style & Size

When you are selecting a prefabricated countertop you are limited in pattern style and size choices.  While there may be multiple options from which to choose, none of them may have the ideal combination of material type, pattern style, and size that you want in a prefabricated option.  By opting to install a custom countertop you get to choose from any pattern style and size that you want that will optimally enhance your kitchen aesthetic.

2. More Countertop Color Availability

The color you select for your countertop can make or break the finished look of your kitchen.  Color choice is incredibly important because it needs to coordinate and enhance your cabinetry while still appealing to your personal preferences.  There are a limited number of prefabricated countertops and the ideal color you want may not be available.  However, if you opt for custom countertops, you can find the ideal material, pattern and color combination that will perfectly compliment your kitchen.

3. Value Added to Your Home

Custom countertops not only look better than prefabricated countertops, they add more value to your home.  While custom countertops may be a higher investment upfront, the return on investment will also be higher.  And, should you ever decide to sell your home, custom countertops will add both perceived and real value to your home as well as more effectively entice potential buyers.